Check out all 3 of our store locations for all things cool!

Now with 3 locations

Welcome To Omaha's Favorite Antiques & Collectible Store 5 Years Running!!!

Each Imaginarium is filled with antiques, collectibles, furniture, and many items from your childhood!!

Kind of "pop culture meets every cool item you ever wanted." We strive to fill our shops with the freshest and most unique stuff out there.

We have 3 locations in Omaha to serve you:

Old Market - 423 S. 13th St. (Old Market)

Super Store - 801 S. 16th St. (corner of 16th and Leavenworth)

Now Open in La Vista - 7826 S. 123rd Plaza (by fantasy's gas station)


We have modern and antique furniture as well as re-purposed one of a kind pieces!

Hard to find

We have all those things you remember and experienced growing up.


Each location will transport you back in time, and no charge for all the flashbacks